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The Empire Code techMBA program provides youths with an early start in acquiring leadership, management, and industry standard technology skills.

In most affluent countries, school systems do not encourage resiliency, self- acceptance, and an inherent sense of worthiness. In fact, they do just the opposite. Long conditioned systems are inclined to reward grades, place emphasis on results and outcomes, promote unhealthy competition over a sense of community, and an unceasing drive to win at the expense of all else.

In our techMBA program for youths, we grow mindsets that have been linked to long term success, namely:

1.  “I trust I have what it takes to meet this challenge, regardless of what happens, I am all in, and I intend to enjoy the process.”

2.  “I am good enough, I am worthy. Challenges that I am unable to solve, does not make me a failure.”

3.  “I have what it takes to try again, and this time do it differently, so that I may succeed the next time. Whether the outcome is positive or not, I remain confident either way.”

4.  “I can lead. I can manage relationships in a classroom or work environment.”

5.  “I am ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, given the exponential speed in technology advancement.”

A joint initiative between the education and software development teams of Empire Code, with the program curated by entrepreneurs and industry software developers, our techMBA program enables attendees to graduate feeling successful, confident, and technically capable. This hands-on 3 week program is suitable for ages 15 to 35, with completion certificates provided. Intakes are open monthly, with full-time holiday programs and part-time weekend programs available, so wait no longer and put in your application today.

Topics Of The Empire Code techMBA Program

Core Topics

•  Business strategy
•  Critical thinking
•  Decision making
•  Importance of giving and receiving feedback
•  Managing relationships through empathy
•  Presentation skills
•  Setting goals and targets
•  The art of handling difficult conversations
•  The makings of a successful leader

Technical Topics

•  Content management systems • Digital marketing
•  Importance of user acceptance testing
•  Information architecture
•  Mobile applications
•  Project management
•  Secure database design
•  Software as a service vs customised solutions
•  User experience and user interface design
•  Why blockchain

Apply to the Empire Code techMBA Program

Tution Fee: SG$1,860

Duration: The total course duration is 60 hours. Our full-time program runs for 3 weeks from Monday to Fridays, 9am to 1pm. Our part-time program runs for 15 weeks on Saturdays, 2pm to 6pm.

Location: At our centre in Singapore. Remote learning options via Zoom are available.

Suitable Ages: Attendees should be between 15 and 35 years old, the age definition for youths in ASEAN. Younger students have been accepted however on a case-by-case basis.

Language:The program is offered in English only, hence the ability to speak, write and read in English is required.

Application process: Please fill in the form below, we recommend that parents do not fill in the form on behalf of attendees. If you are accepted, our admissions team will discuss course start dates with you. Having prior knowledge in computer science is an advantage.

Questions? Please email If you would like a call, please do give us your availability and contact number, for an admissions officer to call you.


Shu Ning's testimonial


Graduate 2021

Hello, my name is Shu-Ning. I participated in the techMBA program at Empire Code. Although it was during summer holidays, a time where students get to relax, I still had a lot of fun during this program.

During my program. I feel like I learnt a lot more than I have while taking the classes. I learnt about design work, how a database works, and what React JS is. It was challenging at first, but I’m really thankful for this experience. It will for sure help me in the future.

I’d like to thank Jasmine, Jen, and Joe, of those who I have met during the internship. Jen shared a lot with me about design work and inspired me to even do some projects during my own time. Joe was always helpful when I was working on coding. Although React JS is truly not for me, I still feel like I learnt a lot.

Thank you Jasmine for always pushing me to work harder and encouraging me along the way. It was all thanks to you that I joined this program in the first place. I’d also like to thank Louis, who was never rude to me and helped me in areas where I needed help. And lastly, thank you to the whole team who helped put this together and make it work.

If I ever get an opportunity to do something like this ever again, I want to work harder, to listen carefully and take in all the information it has to offer. Thank you again for making this happen.

Louis's testimonial


Graduate 2021

During this techMBA program, I was surrounded by mentors who were dedicated to helping me succeed in the various projects that I was assigned to work on. I was given tasks that gave me the opportunity to put things I had learnt into real world circumstances and went through the behind the scenes process of how the programming industry works, from the overall creative design to the backend technology and database.

It was very different to learning in the regular Empire Code lessons, because it developed my professional aptitude, and strengthened my personal character. I had to constantly communicate with my team and the intern that was working with me. This helped me experience how it would feel to be a professional programmer and work with a team in a live situation.

In the first week we first learnt about UX/UI design, which I found interesting and was not what I expected. In the second week we started working on live SQL databases, and in the third week created a html website and learnt the JavaScript framework React JS.

Overall I found this program highly rewarding and extremely satisfying. The steep learning curve that I was thrust into will no doubt help me improve as a programmer and a team player in the industry that I hope to one day make my career. I am very grateful to Empire Code for giving me this opportunity and in particular Shu-Ning for her constant guidance and professionalism she displayed during the three weeks.

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