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Earn badge stripes and certifications on completion of each level with Empire Code Education Centre.


Our Testimonials

Mrs P. Ching

My twins have had less fear dealing with problem sums at school since they started learning computational thinking skills at Empire Code. They are excited by what they learn, all while having a great time. The teachers are qualified, professional and Singapore MOE registered.


Mrs J. Yoong

My kids enjoy their lessons at Empire Code. It’s great that they get a good perspective on how the games they play work and the effort involved in building them. Computer science has surely taught them resilience when it comes to solving problems and the teachers were super supportive.


Mr M. Wong

I am a student of Empire Code’s Python with data analytics course for working professionals and it has really opened me up to complex technical skills which I have found helpful for my career. The training team were extremely patient, nurturing and positive.

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