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Online Coding Class Empire Code Malaysia 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many daily activities to move online – work, school, grocery shopping, birthday parties, and even playdates. Don’t let your kids’ learning plans go out the window however. Virtual courses are the best way to help your kids learn, stay safe and have some fun.

Learning to code strengthens logical thinking skills for future careers in science, technology, engineering and math. It also improves 21st-century life skills like problem-solving, creativity and collaboration.


Classes every Sunday (2 hours each session) for 5 weeks

The first class starts every week

Virtual via Zoom



Ages 9 * to 19

Learn the fundamentals of game development through block programming in the world of Minecraft. Themes include entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability and much more. In addition, through the Microsoft MakeCode program, M:EE is a brilliant means of learning coding. Now, it’s time to turn gamers into game makers!

In this class, students will learn:
– Creative thinking
– The concept of computer science
– Basic programing techniques
– 3D spatial awareness
– Content creation

*Prior coding experience may be required, please contact us for more information.

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Ages 9 * to 19

With the programming language Lua, turn every child of yours from being crazy over Roblox gaming to becoming a Roblox game developer. Publishable games are developed through this course. This program uses Roblox Studio, a program for developing Roblox games.

In this class, students will learn:
– Coding in Roblox Studio with Lua programming language
– Game design, animation and modeling
– Creating maps, obstacles, GUI, scoreboard, server scripts
– Game publications

**Prior coding experience may be required, please contact us for more information.

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10-hour Coding class in English : MYR 500

Payment via Bank Transfer or DuitNow

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